PVS (Peanut Vandal Squad)

PVS (Peanut Vandal Squad)

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*Breaking News* PVS (Peanut Vandal Squad) Graff crew arrested in St. Pancras Eurostar depot painting a whole train with the words 2020 CANCELLED. In the early hours of the morning police raided St. Pancras Train Yard to discover an eight strong group of youths defacing a Eurostar train. Chaos ensued as the group tried to escape down the tracks but BTP (British transport police) cut them off as they were about to escape. The group are responsible for countless cases of vandalism throughout Europe and are believed to have teamed up with @1up_crew_official on numerous occasions to create what Interpol are calling the first Super Crew 1UnitedPeanut....more to come on this story.

1 of 1 Artist Proof

A1 print (84.1 x 59.4cm), hand signed and hand embellished.

Giclee printed on Hahnemühle German Etching paper.